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Buffing Wheel Rakes & Handles

The Buffing Wheel Rake is a buffing wheel cleaning tool, designed to clean and rejuvenate buffing wheels. Made from durable steel, the buff rake is equipped with sharp, sturdy teeth that effectively remove residual compounds, metal fillings, and oxidized fluff from the buffing wheel's surface. The long, comfortable handle provides a safe distance from the spinning wheel, ensuring user safety. Regular use of a buffing wheel rake can extend the life of your buffing wheel, maintain its effectiveness, and result in a smoother, more uniform polishing process. Whether you need a DIY buffing wheel rake or you are a pro, it’s the best way to clean buffing wheels. It's an essential tool for anyone involved in metalwork, automotive detailing, or any craft that requires regular buffing and polishing. Available as assembled sets or individual replacement heads and handles.

Hardware (nuts and bolts) are included with the replacement handle and not the head.

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