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At Infinish we realize that the best products aren’t only for producing the best finishes, although they're the best choice for that. They also provide many other benefits such as improved longevity, increased productivity, lower operating costs, safer operation, and less downtime. For these reasons and others it has been our policy from day one to stock only premium quality, industrial grade, metal finishing supplies and equipment. This in turn makes it very easy to stand behind our entire product line and it virtually eliminates product returns. You can rest assured that when you make a purchase from Infinish, you’re covered. All of our products are backed with a 100% guarantee for quality and performance. 

For over 19 years Infinish has been a trusted supplier in the metal finishing industry receiving zero complaints in regards to our products or services – a goal that we set initially, worked hard for over the years, and are very proud of today. We believe that our company is only as strong as its customer and vendor base because in all actuality, they are our business. Thanks for visiting

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