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About Us

Infinish was founded in 1999 on the premise that quality metal finishing products backed by exceptional, knowledgeable customer service would be a formula for success both for the company as well as the customer.

Having over a decade of personal experience in the metal finishing industry, we knew first-hand how difficult it could be to find and acquire high quality supplies. And even when those products could be found, there was usually little knowledge from the seller as to the construction, composition, or end use. Additionally, the costs of the products were often excessive unless purchased in large quantities. Recognizing the need for a full line supplier of the highest quality metal finishing products available, we set out to start a company that would handle these products exclusively.

Our top priority at Infinish is to only stock quality metal finishing supplies from trusted manufacturers and, whenever possible, to buy American made. All of our products are made to the specifications most widely used and beneficial in this industry. Each product is also thoroughly tested to be sure it meets our quality standards. Special orders are always available to customers who need different product specs than we stock. Our business model is simple: consider all customers equal and treat them the way we would like to be treated. That's why we only carry top quality products, strive to give exceptional service, and stand behind everything we sell. This model has worked well for us over the years - our customers are loyal and complaints are non-existent. We appreciate every one of our customers and thank them for trusting us to provide the supplies they need to succeed - because our success depends on their success.

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