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Menzerna Metal Polish - Infinish

Menzerna Metal Polish - Universal Polishing Cream

Menzerna Metal Polishing Cream

Menzerna Metal Polish, achieve a brilliant shine on your metal surfaces. This high-quality polish is specially formulated to effectively remove tarnish, oxidation, and other surface imperfections to reveal a mirror-like finish. Ideal for use as stainless steel polish, aluminum polish, chrome polish, brass polish, and other metal surface polish,  easy to apply and provides long-lasting results. Keep your metal looking its best with Menzerna Metal Polish. Tubes are approximately 1" x 1" x 6" and contain 4.5 oz.

  • Removes tarnish, oxidation, and other surface imperfections

  • Provides a mirror-like finish on household items, jewelry, and musical instruments

  • Suitable for use on stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, brass, and other metal surfaces

  • Easy to apply, Long-lasting results

$13.00 Each

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Who Is Menzerna?

Menzerna specializes in creating and supplying custom polishing solutions for various industry sectors, effectively enhancing the shine and finish of premium brands. Their expertise lies in providing tailored solutions for aluminum, brass, metals, stainless steel, lacquer, precious metals, and a diverse range of other surfaces.


Additional Information

SKU C154330
Average Weight .4 lbs.
Manufacturer Menzerna
Item Dimensions 2" x 2.5" x 9" (W x H x L)
End Use Color Buffing, Cut Buffing, Plastic Buffing, Precious Metals
Suggested Buff Sewn Cotton, Sewn Flannel, Treated Airway
Tallow Content High
Max Storage 12 Months (Sealed)
Minimum Order 1
Availabilty Stock Item
Case Quantity 24
MSDS (SDS) Available upon request.
Non-Defect Return With RMA - See Policy
Ships Via UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL
Ships From MT
Warranty Yes
Product Type Universal Polishing cream
Additional Info. Keep away from excessive heat.

Description:  Versatile Metal Polish Cream 

Typical Application:  Metal Polish is suitable for all metallic surfaces. It is particularly ideal for polishing chrome. However, it also restores the luster of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, silver, and plastic.

Average  Weight: .3
Average Case Weight: 7.5

 Do not breathe dust during use. Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Generated dust exposure can irritate eyes and skin.

Storage may vary depending on average temp & humidity. Store away from heat, product flash point is above 350F. Guaranteed for quality and performance.

Fresh composition will provide the best results. If the compound will be not be used completely within 30 days store in an airtight container to extend the shelf life and maintain optimal performance.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake well before use.

2. Apply a small amount of polish to a clean, dry cloth.

3. Rub the polish onto the metal surface in a circular motion.

4. Buff off excess polish with a clean, dry cloth.

5. Repeat as needed for desired results.

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