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What compounds are suggested for our different buffing wheels?

The compounds suggested for different buffing wheels are specific to each type of wheel. For the orange buffing wheels, the suggested compounds are Menzerna 439T Heavy Cut Compound, one of our Tripoli Compounds, or one of our Gray Steel Compounds, depending on what type of metal you are buffing. The yellow buffing wheels pairs well with Menzerna P14F Medium Cut Compound, one of our green or white compounds. The blue buffing wheels can be paired with Menzerna 480BLF Finishing Compound, or almost any of our white, green, or yellow compounds. Our white or untreated buffing wheels pair well with any of our white, yellow or blue compounds. Last but not least, our flannel or super white buffing wheels should be paired with the Menzerna P175 Super Finish Compound, Osborn blue (blurple), or one of the liquid polishes. Each type of buffing wheel is specifically paired with particular compounds to optimize their performance when polishing iron, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel surfaces.