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A stitched buff is a type of buffing wheel designed for polishing various materials. It is constructed by implanting circular stitching in a spiral-like pattern around the center of the wheel. This stitching serves two purposes: it holds the wheel together and creates a stiffer structure, enabling more aggressive polishing. The level of stiffness and sturdiness of the buffing wheel depends on the proximity of the stitching to each parallel line of stitches. Closer stitching results in a stiffer wheel, making it ideal for tackling tougher polishing tasks. On the other hand, a stitched sisal buff should not be confused with a cloth buffing wheel, despite having a similar name. Cloth spiral sewn buffing wheels share a comparable design with sisal buffs, but they are made of a much softer material. As a result, cloth buffs are not as strong when working with harder metals. They are more suitable for later-stage polishing and some color buffing applications. In summary, a stitched buff is a buffing wheel with circular stitching that enhances its durability and allows for more aggressive polishing. While stitched sisal buffs are robust and ideal for challenging polishing jobs, cloth spiral sewn buffs are softer and better suited for later-stage polishing and color buffing.

 Sewn Buffing Wheel