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What speed should the buffing wheel be moved across the surface during metal polishing?

When polishing metal surfaces, it is important to consider the speed at which the buffing wheel should be moved across the surface. To determine the appropriate speed for achieving the best polishing results, you can refer to our video demonstration by folloing this link. This video showcases the ideal speed at which the buffing wheel should be dragged across the metal surface for effective polishing. By observing and following, the demonstrated speed in the video, you can ensure that the metal polishing process is carried out correctly and efficiently. The steps are as follows, best practice is to take a small 18" x 18" area at a time. It should take you approximately 6 seconds to move the buffing wheel 18", then move the buffing wheel up to the next pass area above your last pass, and again it should take approximately 6 seconds to cover 18", move up to the next pass, and so on.   With experience, you will soon develop your own speed and style for any project required.

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