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6" Infinish Backing Plate

6" Hook and Loop Backing Plate

Buff and Shine Rotary 6" Diameter Hook and Loop Backing Plate. This rotary polisher backing plate is engineered with a high-strength molded urethane that absorbs heat and provides flexibility over the buffing surface, making your polishing tasks efficient and uniform.

Its 6-inch diameter offers sufficient surface area for buffing and is compatible with 6" foam pads as well as Center Ring wool and foam pads. The backing plate's Grip Easy Edge design allows for quick and easy pad changes. Its durable construction features an inner steel insert, plated for extra strength to withstand regular rotary machine use. The backing plate's Velcro or hook and loop system ensures secure attachment of polishing pads. With this 5 hook and loop backing plate, you can ensure even distribution of pressure for a moreefficient finish.

 5/8" x 11 Thread

  • 6" diameter, ideal for automotive detailing, sanding, metal finishing and more.

  • Made from high-strength urethane.

  • Velcro (hook and loop) system for secure pad attachment.

  • Durable with inner steel insert.

$14.00 Each

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Additional Information

SKU E242120
Product Type Backing Plate
Dimensions 6" x .75 x 5/8"
Purpose Mounting Hardware
Primary Material Foam Rubber
For use with Polishers & Grinders
Case Quantity 12
Minimum Order 1
Availabilty Stock Item
Warranty Yes
Non-Defect Return With RMA - See Policy
Average Weight 0.45 lbs.
Ships From MT, CA
Ships Via UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL
Additional Info No

Description: Hook & Loop Backing Plate

Typical Application: Disc mounting.

About: Buff and Shine Mfg. backing plates have moved forward by leaps and bounds these past couple years. The main goal in the short run was to produce a backing plate for both large wool and foam pads that was strong and true. They hit the mark on both. Critical to overall buffing performance is to have a backing plate that spins true and they can’t overemphasize that point. Otherwise, the wobble at slow RPMs becomes a major wobble at higher speeds. The fewer wobbles you have the easier it is on the technician to finish the job without fatigue and imperfections. In the long run the above backing plate will be used as a model to spin off various other plate designs. Bench and field testing will already be complete, so it’s a matter of prioritizing the new backing plates. 

The new backing plates have little resemblance from previous models. Future backing plates will be made of the same basic materials except for the flexible models. Buff and Shine fully expects to provide a wide range of backing plates in order to satisfy every buffing requirement. This has been an exciting project and early successes have provided positive feedback to move forward with confidence. One last note of uniqueness is the fact that private labeling is available for their large standard plates. No one else in the business can offer this service. 

Now, Buff and Shine has over 20 various backing plates available for sale. Many deal with the issue of adapting to international requirements like metric sizing. They are also improving the range of plates for Dual Action (DA) machines as these machines are becoming more and more popular because they are safe to use and minimize or actually eliminate swirl marks. No backing plate for the long throw polisher or gear driver polisher is currently available.

Construction: Molded foam, plastic and 5/8-11 thread insert.

Packaging: Sold individually.

Precautions:  Wear all appropriate safety clothing, eyewear, and respiratory protection during use.

Note: Premium grade. Guaranteed for quality and performance.

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