2 Hold Heet Qt. Glue Pot

2 Qt. Glue Pot 110V

Hold-Heet electric glue pots for heating and dissolving animal glue. 2 quart aluminum inner chamber. Built for commercial duty. Designed for use with a water and hide glue mixture. Consistently maintains a 140-145o temperature. Includes a wiper rod and copper inner chamber for extended life. Commercial grade.

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Note: 230/240V Pots are made to order and will incur a manufacturing lead time of 1-2 weeks.
Hold Heet

Additional Information

SKU E202658
Average Weight 6.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Emcogp
Voltage 115
Watts 240
Inside Diameter 5-1/2"
Depth 4-7/8"
Max Capacity 2 Quart
Outer Shell Steel
Inner Chamber Aluminum
Container Aluminum
Temperature Range 140-147
For use with Hide Glue
Availabilty Stock and Drop Ship Item
Shipping Weight No
Ships From MT, IL
Ships Via UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL
Minimum Order 1
Case Quantity 4
Non-Defect Return With RMA - See Policy
Warranty Yes
Additional Info No

Description: Electric glue pot.

About: Hold-Heet glue pots have been the preferred choice in the metal finishing trade when using animal glue in the production of set-up wheels. The accurate thermostat control and aluminum construction ensures even heating throughout. Built for commercial or industrial use, Hold-Heet glue pots are very durable, require minimal maintenance, and are able to withstand the general harsh environment of the metal finishing trade. Operates without a water jacket.

Includes: A removable, corrosion resistant, copper glue container with a wide overhanging lip to prevent glue from entering the heater shell, a six foot heavy duty three wire grounded power cord, a wiper rod, and a long life heating element.

Typical Application: Used to heat a glue and water mixture to 140o.

Average Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

Precautions: Keep away from flammable materials. Use only with hide glue and water.

Note: Not intended for use with wax.

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Product Questions

Can you supply a replacement inner container for the quart glue pot? This will be my third, the previous two having developed pinprick holes and leaked!

Hello David,

We have run into this issue in the past and spoke with the manufacturer about it, the following was their response and resolution. Over time, heated hide glue will cause corrosion with aluminum and eventually result in your exact issue with the inner chamber. To resolve this and prevent it from ever happening again they produced the copper inner chamber which will not corrode. They are expensive to produce and in turn more expensive to purchase but do last indefinitely and completely resolves this issue. You can find this inner chamber here: https://www.infinish.com/index.php/equipment/hold-heet/e202670.htmlUnfortunately these are only made for the 1-quart glue pots and yours is a 2-quart. You could either purchase a 1-quart pot with the copper inner chamber or we could supply you with a replacement aluminum 2-quart chamber. If you would like to proceed with either of these 2 options let us know at css@infinish.com and we will activate the corresponding item on the website so you can place an order. You are also welcome to call your order in at 406.260.0282, hope this helps! Thank you for your inquiry.

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