Maverick Grease Stick GS14

Maverick Grease Stick GS14

Tallow based lubricant. Intended for use on set-up wheels to help prevent loading of the abrasive. Not recommended for use on coated abrasives. Can also be used with cutting compositions to extend working time. Tubes are approximately 2.5" diameter by 9" tall and have an average weight of 2.0 pounds.

$10.00 Per Tube

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Abrasive Lubricant
Grease Stick

Additional Information

SKU C373901
Average Weight 2.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Maverick
Item Dimensions 2.6" x 9" (W x H)
End Use Abrasive Lubricant
Suggested Buff Not Applicable
Tallow Content High
Max Storage Indefinite
Minimum Order 1
Availabilty Stock and Drop Ship Item
Case Quantity 20
MSDS (SDS) Available upon request.
Non-Defect Return With RMA - See Policy
Ships Via UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL
Ships From MT, CA
Warranty Yes
Product Type Abrasive Lubricant
Additional Info. Store in a sealed container. Keep away from excessive heat.

Description: Wheel Grease.

Typical Application: Metal finishing, cut down operations. Use on set-up wheels to prevent loading, clogging, or glazing of the abrasive media. Provides cooler operation, helps maintain an optimal cut, and extends the life of the abrasive or wheel.

Average Case Weight:
51 lbs.
Average Drum Weight:
400 lbs.

Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Can irritate eyes and skin.

Storage may vary depending on average temp & humidity. Store away from heat. Guaranteed for quality and performance.

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