Commercial Accounts

Infinish Credit Policy

Although Infinish does offer commercial Net 30 accounts they are approved for registered businesses only. These accounts are opened on a very limited basis and have requirements not associated with cash or credit card sales. A completed credit application or a standard credit sheet with an authorized signature is required. If you're purchasing for a company and require this type of account you can request an application from our contact us page.


Upon approval accounts are set at net 30 days (unless otherwise arranged). If an account ages beyond 15 days past due it is placed on hold until it's brought current. A reduction in available credit may result. Orders cannot be shipped if the account has an overdue balance, if more than 30 days are needed to process and pay invoices it must be approved when establishing the account.

Any account with invoices beyond 30 days past due are permanently closed and cannot be re-opened. Payment arrangements must be made on any outstanding balance before any new orders ship. A finance charge of 1.5% (18% per annum) will be charged on the balance of all accounts exceeding 30 days past due. The account holder will be responsible for all reasonable attorney's fees and any other costs incurred to collect the debt if account is ultimately referred to a collection agency.

For additional details call us toll free at 888.424.2833, thank you for your interest in Net 30 billing.

Commercial Invoice